Monday, May 10, 2010

The Blog Cafe

Welcome to the Camp Spot for our blog cafe Mondays! I, first, have to apologize for posting so late. I planned on doing it sooner, but it just didn't happen. Hopefully, my tardiness didn't inconvenience anyone.
Today, I'd like to take you to one of my favorite places. It's not a fancy restaurant or a cozy little little cafe tucked away somewhere, but it's where I like to hang out with family, friends and anyone else who is willing to join me. I'd like to take you to American Fork Canyon. Yep, the mountains!

Here is what you might see while your here!

A water fall flowing into the American Fork River.

A couple of mule deer passing by.

And, while your here, we're going to roast marshmallows over an open campfire and we're going make and eat our own s'mores. I'm hoping most of you know what s'mores are, but for those of you who need your memory refreshed, s'mores are roasted marshmallows squished between a bit of milk chocolate and two graham crackers. They're divine!

Here's our campfire.

And, here is the finished product. Enjoy!!

I've decided that the topic of conversation for today will be music. I LOVE music! It's my life line, my out, and it relaxes me. I love to listen to it and I like to create it. I can pick my way through a song or two on the piano and I try to be good at playing guitar. My radio is on ALL the time. I have to have my radio on when I do housework, yard work, when I'm driving, and when I just want to have some down time and relax. I own a very wide range of music. If you were to sit and listen to my iPod with me, one minute you'd be listening to George Strait; the next song might be the Rolling Stones and the song after that might be Celine Dion, the Carpenters, Collective Soul, or Metallica. I also love symphony and orchestra music. I think the only genre of music that doesn't do it for me is the hard core gangster rap stuff (just not into it). Everything else is free game for me. So, I would like to know, what kind of tunes do you play? What moves you, inspires you, or relaxes you? Would you rather listen to music or create it? I'd really like to know!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to the Camp Spot!

I've created this blog for my blog friends out there who want to follow up on me without going through the hassles of getting to my private blog. I'm calling it the Camp Spot because one of my most favorite things to do is go camping. I live in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains and outdoor recreation is just my thing. When you live only minutes away from a paradise filled with evergreen trees and quaking aspen trees, you have to take advantage of that. So, welcome to my camp spot!